I always look forward to the opportunity to do new pieces he's written. His composition on my "American Songs" disc is a frequently requested piece by singers looking for new repertoire. .....

Patrice Michaels
Opera Theater and Studio Voice
Conservatory of Music, Lawrence University
Cedille Recording Artist

Songs for Voice and Piano
Below you can hear and view large samples of each of the original Art Songs. You may purchase and download any individual song for $3 and also download mp3 recordings of any individual song for only $.99 each. SPECIAL BONUS: For $25 you may download the sheet music to all 16 songs from Words That Sing and we will send you a free cd recording of 27 songs in the catalog including Words That Sing (shipping not included). After purchasing, if you require a different key for the sheet music, contact me via email and I’ll do my best to send you a .pdf file within a week of your order.

The most recent songs are part of a collection entitled Words That Sing. This collection is organized in such a manner that the songs work particularly well in sets for recitals in groups of three consecutive numbers(e.g. songs #1-3, 4-6, etc.) Each of these smaller groups are key related, range widely in style and time out between 6 and eight minutes, intended to be perfect for a set of songs in a recital.
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  301 Another Day
Introspective beginning, slow tempo except under text at the end: “The sun is out, I am giddy with life, and that’s enough”. Moderate difficulty. Perf. Time 1:50

  302 Flattened Penny
A failing marriage from the perspective of a child who agonizes if it is his fault. Moderate difficulty. Perf. Time
  303 Singer on the Isle of Stones
Composed as an Irish ballad, the story of the effect of a singer on all who listened at the pub, complete with obligatory high note near the end. Easy. Perf. Time 3:58
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  304 Everyday Pleasures
“Grand moments may help us live, but they won’t help us die” Only small everyday experiences bring true comfort. A slow opening moves into a whimsical accompaniment. Moderate to difficult. Perf. Time 3:43
  305 The Pines
Two tall pines are the metaphor for the old couple who ponder: ‘How could I have known’ the ways that our lives would evolve together over the years. The accompaniment is reminiscent of a Bach two-part invention. Easy to moderate. Perf. Time 4:18
  306 Street Corner Carnival
Year after year the carnival comes to town. In most ways, like us, “The darn thing never changes”. Set to a calliope-type accompaniment. Easy. Perf. Time 1:59
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  307 Safety Net
A nostalgic poem of childhood memories. Piano accompaniment underscores the gentle and then reckless motion of a child on a swing in the backyard, ultimately protected by the ‘safety net of my Mother’s song’. Moderate to difficult.
  308 Hold on Loosely
Set in a romantic style, this beautifully structured poem reminds us that we “hold in trust all treasures here”, and that, unfortunately “The things of greatest value seldom stay.” Easy to moderate. Perf. Time 3:35
  309 Folk Listener’s Lament
Whimsical poem set with a guitar-like accompaniment. What’s with those old style ballads, anyway? Easy to moderate. Perf. Time 2:14
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  310 Dreams Unborn
This song begins a sequence of four songs about dreams that work wonderfully as a set. The first describes that magical place between ‘wake and sleep’ where ‘heart and mind slow’ …Easy to moderate. Perf. Time 1:43
  311 Dreams
How amazing that anxiety dreams are universal. Alternates between the easy dream state and the dream trauma state with not much in between. Dramatic and fun. Moderate to difficult. Perf. Time 2:57
  312 In Midnight Bed
Almost asleep, almost…. Easy to moderate. Perf. Time 2:03
  313 Music in My Dreams
Anxiety again, but from the point of view of the pianist or piano student (with some apologies to Mozart, Beethoven, Stravinsky, etc.) Moderate to difficult. Perf. Time 2:40
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  314 Timing
This is a wonderful poem filled with the irony of a short story by O. Henry. Intense ending. Moderate to difficult. 1:41
  315 You, Darkness
There are strong visual images in this Rilke poem, translated by David Whyte. Starts strong and stays that way until the last phrase “I have faith in the night” Moderate to difficult. Perf. Time 2:12
  316 Success
This humorous poem by John Dickson reads like a script from a Hollywood movie circa 1930. I felt like I was scoring a film. Ends with the line, “Tomorrow, I think I’ll try to write a song.” Great as a concert closer or encore. Moderate to difficult. Perf. Time 4:32

More Songs for Voice and Piano

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  101 Friendship
“I come singing to your house and find the door already open.” A delightful love song where music is the common attraction. Moderate. Perf. Time 1:29
  102 Pilot Boat
A metaphor for a mentoring relationship, the pilot is brought on board to assist in guiding the vessel though the ‘hidden shoals’ to safety. Accompaniment in the left hand emulates the low-pitched horn that calls to the pilot. Moderate to difficult. Perf. Time 2:03
  103 Hearthfire
A song of established, committed and deep love: “Beloved, we are home, and that’s all.” Strongly romantic ideas throughout in the accompaniment. Moderate to difficult. Perf. Time 2:30
  104 Table of Grief
Fragments of Communion hymns from three liturgies combine to make the accompaniment for this touching paraphrase of the Last Supper. Excellent for the beginning voice student. Easy. Perf. Time 2:04
  105 Hot Tar
Appropriate angular accompaniment underscores the setting of this intense short poem. The better we know someone, the easier it is to find the raw nerve. Moderate to difficult. Perf. Time 1:17

In Bed
A musical homage to Satie, this little gem of a poem is not difficult to sing and provides great contrast in a vocal set in recital. Easy. Perf. Time 1:31

  107 Grief
This poem by the ancient Roman poet, Catullus, is fresh as ever. Set to an accompaniment with elements of slow fugue. Not easy, but rewarding. Difficult. Perf. Time 3:48
  108 Three is a Crowd
Bitter poem with the refrain: “You were always Mother’s favorite” Not easy, to sing. Not easy to acknowledge. Not an uncommon experience. Difficult. Perf. Time 3:15
  109 Letting Go
Angular vocal lines and accompaniment. “Cancer’s dogged chisel” Not easy for the singer, but powerful in performance. Difficult. 2:07
  110 Bingo
A tango setting of a wonderful poem, where the calling of numbers from the Bingo game takes on several meanings to the intense young lovers. Moderate to difficult. Recording also available by soprano Patrice Michaels. Perf. Time 2:41
  111 Soaps
The condensed plot line of a single popular soap opera as it appeared word for word in the newspaper in a column called “It Happened this week on the Soaps” Intense, ridiculous, unbelievable, and fun. Difficult. Perf. Time 4:15
  317 St. Cecilia Tells All
The patron saint of music tells what it's like to be constantly bombarded with requests from musicians. Great as an encore or closer. Humorous. Moderate. Perf Time 3:54
  318 Excavation
If they dig us out of lava, what will they find? Definitely Humorous. Encore or closer material. Moderate
Perf Time 3:46